Frequency Resonators 

Resonate.Art presents a stunning series of high-powered resonator wands, consciousness tools for fine-tuning vibrational realities.
These frequency antennas were exposed to Utah’s uniquely quiet and transformational energy creating fine instruments of divination.

Meditate, visualize, resonate and attract your reality with our Crystal Resonators Wands.

Holding the tool of consciousness, you can connect to your real self.

Consciousness Alignment

These Consciousness Alignment tools are an incredible ally for:

○ Meditation
○ Attracting visualized realities
○ Psychic protection during the upcoming earth changes
○ Healing that comes from a sense of wellbeing
○ Self Empowerment
○ Attune Thought

When you meditate and look with centered stillness into the crystal antennas, you will see downloads of intelligence coming into your inner silent mind. 
The key is to observe from a choice-less awareness and do nothing more but observe.

From this realization, you begin to interact with your guidance from beyond time. The resonators give the user the self-empowerment necessary to project positive energies of prosperity and spiritual balance.

Some of the transmitters are small six inch tools for hand-held use, fitting in a pocket, while others are statuesque and up to twelve inches long.

They make for a fantastic gift or for a harmonious & health orientated life!